'05 Murano CVT issue

There seems to be slight vibration most readily felt on any of the control surfaces when accelerating from a dead stop under low to medium throttle. Seems to be most pronounced at around 1100-1200 RPM @ 20-30 mph. It is accompanied or at least seems to be by a low engine growl and is very noticeable (at least to me) on the gas pedal/gear shifter. It seems to be directly related to throttle position, since it immediately goes away if I let go of the gas pedal. If you press the gas pedal a bit harder or go past 40 mph the vibration disappears completely. The vehicle doesn?t have to be moving for it happen and it can be easily duplicated in Neutral or even Park. It seems to have a very narrow range. If the rpms go above or below 1200 rpm, the vibration goes away completely. It sounds like a bad engine mount to me. Any ideas?