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2007 Nissan Murano RPMs?

I have a 2007 nissan Murano sl… only 63k miles on it… I got in my car the other day backed up the hill I live on, it went up the hill as it normally does, then I put it in drive and pressed the gas… RPMs went up… Car didn’t move… Then I put it in reverse, same thing, rpms went up but no movement. Turned the car off, turned it back on, and it was fine… Went to leave work later that day and it took a lot longer than normal to turn over. I had to hold it a good 5-10 seconds for it to finally start… It seems a little bogged down?? I had my husband drive it and the RPMs are acting really funny now… Going down hill without pressing the gas it revs up to 4000 RPMs. I have it at the dealership now but they want 150$ to run diagnostics. Any opinions??

My opinion is to spend the $150 for their diagnosis.


I second that, pay the $150. If you don’t, any repair that any mechanic offers will be a wild guess. Fixing cars that way get frustrating and very expensive.

From the description of your problem, the $150 will look very cheap by comparison to the actual repair.


I strongly suspect that the vehicle needs to have the transmission overhauled, but that is just a guess via cyberspace. Only a proper diagnostic will reveal the actual cause.

This was one of the early iterations using a CVT with a U.S.-sized car with a medium displacement engine. Sounds like there’s a electronic gremlin, but it also wouldn’t be shocking if the CVT had a problem. CVT’s of that era were generally not repairable, it there’s a problem you replace the transmission.

why do you back up a hill to leave your house? is this the driveway you are talking about? your last statement says the rpm’s rev up to 4k going down a hill? how fast are you moving when this happens? if you are coasting down a grade at 30mph and your rpm’s hit 4k than i would say it might be a throttle issue? computer is telling motor to rev?

I’m spending the 150 so I’ll update and let you guys know what they say. But this is a “new” transmission. I bought the car October 2018 by November 2018 the car was having issues I brought it back in they told me it was the transmission. they replace the transmission for free. It’s a refurbished remanufactured one. I just found that out yesterday when I called the dealer. :roll_eyes: And yes to get out of my driveway I have to back up a hill that’s probably another reason why every car I’ve owned has been a parts magnet. As far as the RPMs going up to 4000, as I’m going up the hill i get to about about 40-45 RPMs are at about 1500ish… at the top of the hill i let off the gas and it jumps to 4000. :expressionless::expressionless:

10yr old car. 60k miles. dealer puts in reman trans as goodwill measure?
it is a cvt. maybe nissan has a bunch in the pipeline due to many failures?
no idea if a fresh trans has a warranty. since you did not pay for it. maybe 1yr/12k miles?

Another indication of a transmission problem. If you are going uphill and giving it gas it should downshift, raising the RPMs to something like 2500-4000. When you level out and let off the gas, it should upshift, lowering the RPMs to something like 2000-2500. It could be a sensor on the outside of the trans case - cross fingers - easy to fix. If it’s internal, that’s bad news. Good luck and please keep us informed.

This vehicle has a CVT, it doesn’t upshift or downshift in the traditional sense, and even in normal driving acts alot like an automatic with a slipping torque converter.

Understood. Some CVTs simulate actual shifts, others slush around. But in either case, engine RPMs should be higher going up a hill and less once the hilltop is reached, no?

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Generally speaking yes. For a CVT when you’re accelerating briskly or putting a load on the engine (like accelerating up a hill), the RPM will go up, usually to somewhere around torque and HP peak (usually somewhere between the torque peak and the HP peak) and just stay there, the vehicle speed will increase, but the RPMs won’t (the engine speed won’t change much). The RPMs will go down once you lift off the accelerator and the CVT changes ratios seamlessly. Going downhill the RPMs should drop assuming that the accelerator pedal is released. It sounds like the OP’s transmission isn’t changing ratios, the pulleys aren’t moving like they should.

i assume new trans worked for awhile? yes, things break.

Ok guys. The dealer checked my alternator, starter, battery, did a rode test, ran diagnostics and he said they checked out the transmission as well. Here’s the kicker. Absolutely NOTHING showed up on any test. No codes. No problems. Nothing. It just doesn’t make sense to me :confused: he came up with some analogy that it could be the cup in the gas tank not getting suction or something? I don’t know. Lol they said basically told me come get my car there’s nothing wrong with it. Lol

Oh and my car only has 1/4 tank of gas in it so he said start filling my car up when it gets to 1/2 instead of 1/4… But this wasn’t a problem before… I always fill up when It’s at 1/4…

And yes it was 12k or 1 yr warranty. It was put in December 29th 2018. But we’ve driven 20k miles since then :confused: