Did driving in 2nd gear damage my Murano?

I have a 2018 Nissan Murano with a CVT transmission, 11,000 miles. My wife recently drove it 150 miles in either 2nd or low gear. I do not see any leaks. Was any damage likely done to the transmission or engine?

Likely no damage what so ever. Since is is a CVT, or continuously variable transmission, how could she drive it in 2nd gear? There is no 2nd gear.


so you are saying the rpm level was quite high when she was driving? such as 4500rpm at 50mph? or did she stick to side roads for 150 miles and keep it under 30mph? it is home now? and seems to stay at proper rpm levels when driving? or you are home and still have a high rpm issue?
even my uh, spouse might call me and say the motor is at 4000 rpm, should i keep driving?
my sister has a murano. she likes it.

I think the car may be smart enough to take care of itself. From the manual.

∙ In the manual shift mode, the transmission may not shift to the selected
gear. This helps maintain driving performance and reduces the chance of
vehicle damage or loss of control.
∙ When this situation occurs, the Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT)
position indicator light will blink and
the chime will sound.
∙ In the manual shift mode, the transmissionmay shift up automatically to
a higher range than selected if the
engine speed is too high. When the
vehicle speed decreases, the transmission automatically shifts down
and shifts to first gear before the vehicle comes to a stop.
∙ CVT operation is limited to automatic
drive mode when CVT fluid temperature is extremely low even if manual
shift mode is selected. This is not a malfunction. When CVT fluid warms up,
manual mode can be selected.
∙ When the CVT fluid temperature is high,
the shift range may upshift in lower
rpm than usual. This is not a malfunction.

Thanks for the reply and the info. Car seems to be driving normally today.

Thanks for the reply. She was driving at highway speeds, 65-75 mph. Car seems to be driving normally today.

What was rpm of motor at 75mph? That made you think it was in 2nd gear

Why did you or she think the vehicle was stuck in second gear ?

When she came off of interstate to traffic light, car engine was revving and seemed to be driving slowly. Car seems to be driving ok today.

Don’t know rpms. According to manual, car has 7 gears. Moving shift knob to left and back drops it into lower gear. Car seems to be driving ok today.

I’m trying to think which car but I think it was the 08 Acura. I dropped the wife off on the way to work and she picked the car up. She wasn’t familiar with it and said it really screamed for a while on the 30 mile drive home-until she discovered she was in a lower gear-2nd I believe. Never had any trouble with it. I do remember though with my 74 Cutlass, I had it in 1st gear for a mile or two crawling along on glare ice. It wasn’t too long after that that I needed a transmission overhaul. Can’t say it was related though. I think the only issue was whether or not the transmission got hot so maybe a fluid change is in order.

Thanks for the reply and info. Will do.

Does your murano have a tach?