2018 Kia Sorento - speed sensing door lock doesn’t work

Speed sensing door lock has not worked sense we bought it. This is listed as standard function.Dealer says it not installed .I want it installed free of charge .I paid for it. What must I do?

I guess you mean the auto lock feature when the vehicle reaches a certain speed . If your manual lists that on your trim level then see another dealer. If no other dealer near you then there is always the corporate contact numbers in your manual . Also a Hyundai dealer might be able to help as they are basically the same company.


That feature might be disabled for some reason. Here’s a quote from section 3 of the Owner’s Manual for my wife’s Tucson: “You can activate or deactivate the Auto Door Lock/Unlock features from the User Settings Mode on the LCD display.” Check your Owner’s Manual for more info.

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Page 4-86 of your owner’s manual:

User Settings Mode
In this mode, you can change setting
of the doors, lights, and so on.

Driving Assist
Smart Cruise Control Response
(if equipped)
Choose the sensitivity of the smart
cruise control.

Rear Cross Traffic Alert (if equipped)
If this item is checked, rear cross
traffic alert function will be activated.

Autonomous Emergency Braking
(AEB) (if equipped)
If this item is checked, Autonomous
emergency braking function will be

Forward Collision Warning
(if equipped)
If this item is checked, forward collision
warning function will be activated.

Door / Liftgate
Automatically lock
• Disable:
The auto door lock operation will
be deactivated.
• Enable on speed:
All doors will be automatically
locked when the vehicle speed
exceeds 9.3mph (15km/h).
• Enable on shift:
All doors will be automatically
locked if the automatic transaxle
shift lever is shifted from the P
(Park) position to the R (Reverse),
N (Neutral), or D (Drive) position.

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I guess you just need to read the manual. Looks like @TwinTurbo already looked it up for you. That’s more than I would have done.


I have done all of the door and lift gate menu.

Auto lock is not there. I have brought the car back to the dealer three times. Two times I went to different sales men. The third time I went to the sales manager. All of which did exactly the same thing I did to be told speed sensing door lock is not available. I asked why it is not on the menu? To be told . They did not know!!! My best move is to go to a technical college were there is a auto tech program and young minds to find the answer instead of every everyone else telling me the same answer. By the way I did read the manual and it did give the same answer as all of you. I need a answer from someone who does not have there nose stuck in a manual.

Read my above post again .


I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again:

When a dealership is unwilling or unable to resolve a customer’s problems with a fully-warrantied vehicle, it is time to contact the manufacturer/importer of the vehicle, at the corporate level.

Contact info can be found in the Owner’s Manual.


What says that and where does it say that?

If you have proof you paid for it, contact corporate.

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So you just wasted my, and everyone else’s, time because you omitted all those pertinent details. How are we supposed to know you did all those things unless you invest a minute adding it to your post. And in return you insult me? Any inclination I had to help further is gone now.


sales . . . ?!

You need to forget the sales department COMPLETELY

Go to the service department and ask to speak to a service writer . . .

If they’re not able to activate this feature on the service drive, then perhaps a mechanic can do it using a scanner . . . provided you did actually pay for this feature, and provided your vehicle actually is capable of doing it. Once the scanner is hooked up, you’ll have more answers than you do now


Maybe you should have gone to the service department, and not the sales people.


If the auto locks on my 2010 Kia Forte stopped working I would just use the lock button on my armrest.

Maybe the sales person should have directed me to the service dept. However the sales dept. told us to come to them if there was problem with programing the options…Daaaaaaa.

Before continuing on this problem suggest to double check that this function is actually supposed to be available on your particular car. What exactly do you mean by this being “listed as a standard function”?

Take a look at this thread. It looks like it is a somewhat common issue that can be fixed using the factory scan tool.

??? You think there are door lock experts out there, waiting to answer your very particular question? Dream on.

There are people in the automotive business here but since it has already been stated that some of the adjustable features in vehicles must be performed with a scan tool some of us chose not to repeat it.

That feature is standard on all trim levels: https://www.kiamedia.com/us/en/models/sorento/2018/features The OP needs to have the dealer’s service department turn it on.


Some people actually like those auto locks and will pay extra for them They would drive me crazy. I could tolerate them if they unlocked automatically when the car is in Park but even then I don’t like a car’s computer taking over for me.

Imagine pulling up to a curb to let someone in or out and it’s not enough to be standing still with my foot on the brake, I either have to put the car in Park or manually unlock the doors.

A lot of people like me live in rural areas and these safety features are more urban oriented. What if your wife and daughters forget to lock the doors and someone uninvited tries to get in, then it would be a handy feature.