2018 Jeep Renegade - Quivers

Quivers & stalls sporadically. Also engine revs on it’s own when not pressing gas

If this is a 2018 Jeep, isn’t still under warranty? Go see the Jeep dealer.

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Yes it is under warranty. Unfortunately the dealer where we purchased it sold it to us as a new vehicle when they actually pulled I from the service department. Once we found that out they no longer want to help us. I’ve taken it to another dealership who has looked at it and it’s going again today. They cant find the issue. There is a recall on some 2017 and 2018s but not my vin. Was hoping someone here knew something about it. I’ve researched and see where there are 19 other Jeep Renegades thru out the US with same issue/situation

please elaborate.

This sounds shady and possibly something that should be reported to Jeep/Dodge/Fiat corporate- especially if you paid full new price for a used vehicle.

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Yes I have reported it to Chrysler Consumer who told me to take it to another dealer! I even have the service records for the renegade prior to our purchase. They pulled a slick one and wont make amends. We are stuck driving a vehicle that stalls without notice or as of yesterday started revving without the gas being pressed. It was purchased by another woman who promptly returned it at 208 miles with check engine light on. My daughter saw it advertised online and wanted it so sh purchased it. They failed to disclose it had problems.

If her paperwork from the sale indicates the vehicle was new, when actually used, you could consult a lawyer.


That will be our next step. She purchased it new…but it was actually sold to another lady and returned

Would have helped a lot if you’d told us all that from the start. So it is your daughter’s car. If it was sold as “new” it wasn’t registered to the previous owner so it is still new. If it was registered to an owner, it is “used” and this is fraud. Get a lawyer. Sue the dealer, bring criminal charges, make them buy the Jeep back.

If the car was turned back in, and never actually transferred, it is still, technically “new.” There are lemon laws that cover new cars and they vary from state to state. If Jeep can’t or won’t fix it, they may have to buy it back. I’d still suggest talking to a lawyer.


I didnt mention all of the details as I was specifically wanting to know what would cause the Jeep to act that way. I have contacted the NHTSB, FTC, BBB, State Attorney Generals Office among others concerning how the vehicle was misrepresented. Yes it is my daughters and I am her appointed guardian so am handling the situation. Thank you all for your advise, ideas and support! It’s scary to have to drive a vehicle that is faulty. Hopefully it will be resolved soon!

I’m sorry for your situation. But I think you’re missing the forest for the trees here.

It sounds like the dealer did some shady selling here. So much so that they sold your daughter a “used” vehicle as “new”. Which is a legal thing, since you likely signed some contracts, paperwork, etc.

Personally I’d park the Jeep and quit trying to figure out what the issue is. Then I’d call a lawyer. Spend your time, energy, and money trying to get the dealer to take this Jeep back.

Good luck.

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My sister leased one, they told her to bring it in every 6 months for computer updates. That sounded odd to me, but maybe it needs a computer update.

This list of possible causes is long and it is impossible for folks on the internet to give you an exact cause or solution. Plus, it does you no good because the Jeep is resposible to fix the problem.

This isn’t a car problem so much as a legal one at this point. And not the first time we’ve heard this kind of story about Chysler products.

I do see both issues but we’re stuck with this thing. She has nothing else to drive. But we are very aware they did us wrong. The dealer we’ve been takin it to has checked the fuel pump and the fuel pressure module. We’d like to resolve all issues if we can. Thanks so much

Do you think they would have automatically done that when this renegade went in or should we ask them to do it?

It could be a question worth asking.

You need a good attorney who does lots of lemon law work.