2017 Jeep Renegade - Hesitates and jerks

My car has been hesitating and jerking for about 4 months now. First it was the spark plugs as it completely hesitated and then threw a code for it so we changed the spark plugs but it still was doing it. I took it to the dealership a week later and they told me that they fixed it but really didn’t give me an answer.
About a week later it started doing it again. i let it go to see if it would stop for about a month and took it back in. They checked it again and told me it was the oil because it was low on oil. they changed my oil and said i wouldn’t have the issue anymore. within 24 hours it was doing it again. I waited a few weeks made another appt to take it in today. they had my jeep for an hour and i told them to check the mass air sensor because that seems to be what it is leading to with the symptoms and plus i had someone at a garage tell me that they thought it was the mass air sensor as well because sometimes it won’t throw any check engine lights or codes.
After an hour today they came back oiut and told me it was the spark plugs, I said there is no way because they were just changed in July. He said they were the wrong ones, which to me didn’t make sense but i went with it. Within 15 minutes of me leaving the dealership as I was driving on the highway it started hesitating again and it is being more consistent now. I have no idea what is going on and I don’t believe they checked the mass air sensor because on my paperwork it wasn’t throwing any lights or codes they said.

There was a recall for 2017-18 Renegades for faulty fuel pumps. Do you know if yours has been replaced? https://www.consumerreports.org/car-recalls-defects/2017-2018-jeep-renegade-recalled-due-to-faulty-fuel-pump/ Beyond that, if your Jeep isn’t under warranty, just go to a good independent mechanic. If it is and there’s another Jeep dealer near you go there. If not, there should be a number for Chrysler corporate in your Owner’s Manual. Call and escalate your problem to the next level.

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They are saying my Jeep vin number doesn’t fall under the recall

I was thinking fuel pump or something fuel related myself.

And spark plug type is important. Did you replace the spark plugs with a type/model identical to the original ones? Folks tend to have issues when they try anything other than the original OEM type.

It sounds to me like this dealer is just throwing parts and/or nonsense at the problem. If it’s still under warranty, I’d try another Jeep dealer. Otherwise, take it to an independent mechanic and see what they think. Good luck.

Under what circumstances does it hesitate and jerk?. For example, does it happen from the get-go, or only after the engine is warmed up? With light foot on the gas pedal, medium, or heavy or all? Etc.

Check with the dealer and see if any software upgrades are needed.

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Well, rats. At this point I’d suggest having a good, experienced mechanic drive it and do a seat-of-the-pants diagnosis.

It hesitate and jerks when I’m giving it gas …or have the heat on or the air on. Also when I’m going up hills.
And lately I’d I’m sitting at a complete stop like a red light it will do it

Have you checked on the NHTSA web site to confirm your Jeep isn’t one of the recalled Jeeps?

The dealer should check the fuel pressure while under load, even if your Jeep isn’t covered by the fuel pump recall.

Any CEL flashing? I know you said no codes, etc but…

And yes a faulty MAF sensor may not set any codes.

As for the Recall, it should be kept in mind that just because a vehicle falls outside the covered VIN range does not mean the vehicle won’t suffer the same problems as the Recalled ones.

Something similar would be failing Honda ignition switches. Recalls covered a few years but that problem has been around for multiple decades.


Exactly. That’s what I keep saying. I know my Jeep should be under the recall but nobody will listen to me.

No codes

No recall on my VIN number just the same year or model and same model

Go try a different dealer.

Or, if that doesn’t work, take the Jeep to an independent shop and get it fixed. It’ll be on your dime, unfortunately, but at least it will be fixed.

Life is too short to get hung up on “shouldas”. Good luck.

It’s not a question of whether “they” listen to you, or not.
Until the vehicle mfr issues either a recall or a service campaign relative to this problem, the extent of what the dealership can do is… limited.