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2018 Hyundai Santa Fe - What's "Normal"

We just purchased a 2018 Hyundai 2018. It has “no abnormal noise,” which means the noise I am hearing isn’t able to fixed, according to their mechanic. Say what! It’s a $34,000. SUV and I have to listen to a wind noise! Does anyone have any ideas how to deal with this problem?

Test drive another and see if it does the same. I know a guy that got kudos from Gulfstream after finally eliminating wind noise on a jet, it took him 2 years. Does cracking any window help?

Other forum posters may have commented on this problem. See the icon upper right that looks like a magnifying glass? Click on that, then type in “wind noise” to see those posts.

Wind noises are caused by turbulent air flow, often caused by things like the roof rack has lost a part, the window is not sealing shut completely, or the door, or a piece of trim is slightly loose allowing wind to flow under it. The way it is often diagnosed is to tape the suspect areas over and see if that makes the noise go away.