2018 Hyundai Kona - Steering swoosh

Anyone else having issues with their steering as mentioned below. This has just started for me. My vehicle is about 6300 miles and I’ve been driving about 8 months.
"There will be swooshing or swirling sound when turning the steering wheel at low speeds, especially in parking when the turning input is much more than usual. It won’t cause any safety issues but it can be very annoying to some drivers.

The dealer replaced the whole steering rack. The staff found that the tolerance of the original steering rack is too stringent, this will cause the steering rack to create the swooshing or swirling sound when there is some form of wear and tear.

After replacing the steering rack, no issues so far.

  • Kae Luen T., Singapore, Singapore"

I don’t drive a Kona, but you’re still under warranty, so take it back to the dealership, explain your problem, and let them diagnose and fix your car

Funny, I have noted that sound on some new test vehicles. I figured it was the mechanism.