2015 golf steering nose

So I just got a new golf sport wagon and I want to checkabout a noise I’ve noticed. When I start the car and try and immediately turn the wheel (like to back out of a parking space), the steering makes a soft ‘woop woop woop’ noise as i turn the wheel. It quickly goes away and the rest of the drive is noise free but it is just that first time. Does anyone know what this could be? Thanks in advance!

You have warranty-use it.

From my point of view I never was not going to take it in to get serviced. But since it is something that happens at very specific times I wanted at least to be able to point them in the right direction. That’s why it was important for me to at least have an idea of what the problem was.

Try to narrow it down. If the car is warmed up already and you start it, does it make the noise?
Does it depend on the direction you turn the wheel? Is it while you turn the wheel, or when the wheel reaches lock?

Thanks! If the car is warm and I start it again, no noise. If I turn it on and wait about 20 seconds, no noise. It happens for maybe only 3-5 seconds though. And it happens if I turn the wheel either way, and happens while I turn the wheel, but not once I let it go. Thanks again!

You don’t need too narrow it down, the dealer mechanics will figure it out. Anything you tell them besides the symptoms will be ignored. Don’t waste your time if all you are trying to do is help the techs.

If you try to repair it yourself you just might void your warranty for any related future problems… as well as for getting this one fixed. I urge you to use your warranty and let the dealer fix it. Besides, there might be a TSB that he’s aware of that you’re not.