2018 Hyundai Elantra - Paint defect

Paint peeling off in chunks after the 2nd year of having it. Pearl White. I cant get anyone to help me with this. Hyundai knew about the issue when they started selling these cars and did not make a recall. They let everyone warranty run out and they were cleared of a lawsuit. This is very bad business

Yes so what have we learned?

Many car manufacturers have experienced some paint problems of late. Something to do w/new paint formulations to meet EPA air quality regulations. Try using the forum search feature here to see what others have said, link upper right this page. I wouldn’t be quite so hard on Hyundai, probably isn’t their primary fault.

Sort of like when Calif required MTBE added to fuel to improve air quality. Problem was, turned out it also polluted water. And caused major fuel system problems in certain diesel engines.

That change occurred in the '90s. For some reason the pearl white paints continue to be troublesome, Toyota has had issues with it, too.

More on car paint history:
A Brief History of Automotive Coatings Technology - American Coatings Association (paint.org)

I’d search Hyundai forums, see if anyone has gotten assistance from Hyundai for this, even though it’s out of warranty.