2018 Hyundai Elantra - Peeling paint

2018 Hyundai Elantra peeling paint. My warranty expired 4 months ago , I only have 15353 miles on my car. Pearl white paint has had issues for awhile now unbeknownst to me until now.

I had a 4 year or 36000 mile warranty unfortunately.

If you bought this thing new the warranty should be 5 years oe 60000 miles . Look in your owners manual , contact the local dealer and also look in the manual for corporate contact numbers . There may be a service bullitin for the paint.


Thank you, I’m checking now.

Owners manual says 3 yrs or 36000 miles from date of purchase. I contacted the manufacturer and they told me to take it to the dealership so they could take pictures and start a claim.

Unfortunately you’re correct. Hyundai gets applause for its warranty but that doesn’t include the paint.

I checked my owners manual and unfortunately it says 3 yrs or 36000 miles. It’s really upsetting because this is my first brand new car and I take care of it. I never thought to google paint issues with Hyundai. I know now what to search for when buying a new car.

It’s very likely that Hyundai’s paint issues weren’t common knowledge before you bought it.

Owners of certain Toyota models painted Pearl White had similar issues, and Toyota eventually extended coverage for a few extra years. Similarly, Toyota’s paint issues didn’t surface until the vehicles were a few years old.