2018 Honda HR-V audio/phone question

If you have your phone connected to the audio system, does the system lose the connection?

If you’re talking about losing the Bluetooth connectivity, the connection seems to be a little flaky in my vehicles (one Honda and one Toyota). I try to check the connection after I start the vehicle but before I put it in gear. If it’s not connected, most of the time it’ll connect if I turn off the phone’s Bluetooth and turn it back on.

If you try the same thing, for heaven’s sake wait till you’re stopped!

Thanks. My problem seems to be a little different. I get a “no phone connected” prompt with an offer to create a connection. I quit going thru the steps to reconnect. (I don’t talk and drive.)

When we got our CRV, the salesman did the first connection with my wife’s phone. I don’t know whether he was being nice since we’ve never had that feature before or if there was some initialization protocol that had be to done the first time. I’ve had to delete and reinitialize the connection on my car a few times although it’s been a couple of months since I’ve had to do it.

If you have deleted and redone your connection a couple of times, you may want to call your dealership and see if there’s something missing or some software update. Also, I wouldn’t be surprised if there is an HRV message board where that question has been posted and answered.

Hope you can get that working. I’ve found it to be a really nice feature.

Thanks for encouraging me to try again. :blush: