2013 Volkswagen Passat radio and calls cut in and out

My “Fender” car radio (3.6 SEL) Passat, which includes the navigation system, frequently fades in and out…that radio will stop playing, the screen goes black, then the radio starts playing again. I can also be in the middle of taking a call (hands free), and eventually the call with drop, OR, I cannot hear the person on the call; however, that individual can hear me. Can someone please provide soon good sound advise about what could possibly be wrong with this radio, and how I can get replaced by VW dealership? FYI, I currently do NOT have an extended warranty on my vehicle…cannot afford it…am a recovering cancer patient.

Vernetta, I have no idea what a “Fender” radio is. Is this a factory installed unit?

If so, you might want to contact a Volkswagen Dealer Service Department and explain your symptoms and have them take a look at Volkswagen Technical Service Bulletin (written for Volkswagen Technicians) 91 14 03 February 25, 2014 2036481 (7 page document).

RNS 315 Navigation Radio Software Update for Locking, Rebooting, Switches Off at Random
See if this describes your symptom(s):
-radio switches off at random
-radio locks out
-radio reboots

This bulletin was issued for 2013-2014 models and outlines a procedure for updating vehicle software.

I’m not sure if this will help you, but it’s all I’ve got.
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Thank you kindly for your response.

Yes, this is a factory radio installation, and this is the brand VW uses in their vehicles.

Appreciate your time.

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You’re very welcome. I hope your recovery goes quickly. Please visit us at Car Talk again if this car problem or other car problems or question arise.
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