2018 Toyota Highlander radio problems



Is anyone else having a problem with the Toyota Radio that has navigation? My radio will play then it will start skipping channels. You will be on one station, then you can see the numbers spinning like it’s on constant scan. The radio Unit also kept making phone calls, and kept changing screens. This is not a quality Toyota Product. I took video of what the radio was doing, I knew that if I didn’t they would never believe at the dealership, I have had the car for 3 days and of course it was Friday, and they said that it is in the souftware. So, I have to live with this problem over the weekend and Maybe Monday they will do something about this. This is a $40,000 vehicle and should not have a problem, period…


And it is a 2018 vehicle under warranty so why are you asking the internet and not your dealer’s service department?


He not asking for a solution, just if anyone else has had the problem.
He is having the dealership investigate Monday.


My radio on my 2018 highlander will intermittently go out and then resume in about 10 seconds. Happening more frequently now.


So you didn’t read my reply?


Do you intend to repair it yourself, or to have it repaired by an independent audio dealer?
If you do, please be prepared for the warranty on the audio system to become null and void in the event of other problems in the future.

On a new or nearly-new vehicle that has multiple warranties, the ONLY solution that is to your advantage is to take it back to the dealership for free repairs under the terms of the Bumper-to-Bumper Warranty.


Stuff happens, got a brand new surface computer, tech support walked me through creating an os image on usb and reinstalling it, at least tech support will do all the work for you.


There is a multimedia software update available at your dealer to address the rebooting problem and to correct a list of other faults.


I am having the same issue, about every 10 seconds the radio cycles off and on. I lose all connection with my sync and back up camera doesn’t work during this process. I cannot change station or volume when it boots back up and yet 2 dealerships cannot do anything about it because they say I have the latest update. $36,000 car 8 months old and I have this issue with NO resolution


The literature that came with the vehicle will tell you how to contact Toyota further up beyond the dealer level. They have people and processes to address customer complaints that a dealer has not. That’s your next step.


They have had my car all day, have not offered a resolution other then they ask me for my iPhone to try to fix the problem

Unreal at anyone asking for you to bring your phone in. They can connect their own phone. I will be calling Toyota CRC and have them initiate a TAS because this is BS


I realize pacific rim dealers are not the most scrupulously dealers, but really, you are paranoid about them syncing your phone?
I had my domestic brand dealer do it, for free, since I had trouble following the steps in the ownersmanual.