Sirius Radio Problem

I have a 2 month old Ford Fusion hybrid that came equipped with a Sirius satellite radio. About a week after I picked up the car I lost the programming for about 10 minutes, then a message appeared that the radio was updating. Ever since then my channel names show (just) one or two garbage characters or is totally blank.

I’ve made numerous calls to Sirius tech support. They try and send a reset signal, which the car’s radio does not even acknowledge, then say that’s all they can do and the radio must be defective. I’ve taken the car back to the dealer twice. They tell me Ford says it can’t be the radio and that the channel names are sent by the satellite. I can’t get either side to take responsibility.

Has anyone had a similar problem and if so how did you resolve it?

Not that problem, but I have had a problem with the radio shifting from Sirius to an auto-diagnostic feature. This is all moot because my 6-month trial of Sirius has expired. It was not worth the cost for as little as I use it. However, on a long drive last fall it was pleasant not to have to keep searching for a different station every time the current one faded out. I’ll be bringing along a batch of CDs next time, I guess.

This is Ford’s issue to fix, with Sirius’ help.

To get the radio to respond to the satellite signal, Sirius has to know the I.D. number of the radio. Perhaps you do not have the correct I.D. number…Pull the radio and look on the case…

The radio may be broken. Take it to the dealer and have them check it.

I have had similar poor service from Sirius customer care. I bought an iPod and I am much happier.

I had similar problems, but with XM, before it merged with sirius. They had to “refresh” the signal for my radio about 4 times before it was OK. That was 2 years ago. Try calling Sirius tech center again. You get a different tech each time. Pick their brain till you get someone sympathetic & knowledgeable. I thought all was lost, but one guy told me what to do & there’s been zero problems since.

On the other hand, the car’s still brand new, so if you wanna forgo the above, just drop it in the dealer’s lap & don’t take no for an answer. It’s a brand new car, for Christmas sake!

It was delivered to you equipped with the radio by Ford. Therefore, they own the problem, period. That would be my position. Here’s the car for a warranty repair, let me know when it’s fixed. By the way, I’m counting and documenting the # of repair attempts…

I just installed another radio and tried to use to Sirius internet page to activate. Kept saying I was entering an invalid radio #. Called tech support and viola! activated in 10 seconds. My radios display their serial number on first power up until activated and it can also be accessed through the menu system.