2018 Honda CR-V - Trans issue

2018 Honda CRV. problem #1: The transmission allowed the vehicle to roll backward when parked on a grade. The dealer did not care. They tried to put the blame on me for not putting it in park. It had been parked already for 10 minutes when it rolled away. Luckily I was close and was able to hop in and stop it before it rolled onto the street. I contacted Customer service and they fluffed me off saying there was nothing wrong with the car.
problem #2
continuous shake in the right rear. feels like wheel bearings. Change tires front to back. Put on different tires. The problem stays in the right rear. The dealer says they don’t notice an issue although it is horrific. Once again called Customer (No)service and they told me the technician didn’t notice anything so there is nothing wrong. :frowning:

And your question is?

The car is under warranty, Honda is obligated to repair it. Any Honda dealer will do if you don’t like your dealer’s response.

If the right rear shakes, demonstrate it to the mechanic yourself on a test drive.


As far as first complaint, I agree with Honda, if you don’t set the parking brake and put the car in park it will roll away.

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Go to a different dealer. Some dealers are incompetent as well as arrogant.