2019 Honda CR-V - Thoughts

what do you think about this car

What do you think about this car ?

Why do you ask ? Do you have one or are you wanting to buy one ?
If purchase is the goal then find all the online web reviews to help you decide.

Not into them at all.

Top-selling vehicle in America in the largest non-pickup segment (excluding fleets). A lot of people like it. Here is a review of the same generation.

The CRV and the Toyota RAV 4 are both top selling vehicles. In fact the RAV 4 is now outselling the Camry.

I would take the RAV 4 since it is still available with regular automatic while the CVR now has a CVT which has an unknown future with respect to reliability.

I’m looking at the Mazda CX-5, top-rated in several tests.

Additionally, the CX-5 has the best reliability of any of the compact SUVs.

Friends leased one, they like it. There was a problem with fuel getting into the oil. We test drove the cr-v and rav-4. The rav-4 was quiter for road noise and more comfortable for us. We will probbly buy it lease end.

As mentioned,the turbo could have oil dilution issues esp in cold climate. The CVT is better that the other CVT’s but is a CVT,

The new RAV4 has a noisier engine. Go test drive one. Also some new owners are complaining of harsh shifts on the transmission.

I know a few owners, the most recent bought a left-over 2018 LX because her husband didn’t want a turbocharged engine. The others with EX-L or better seem very satisfied so far after moore than a year of ownership.

If they’d introduce the Hybrid version for the USA I’ might convince my dad to upgrade from his 2007 CRV.

The April 2019 Motor Trend has an article comparing 8 small SUVs. The CR-V AWD (EX-L) was their top rated. 2nd Mazda CX-5. 3rd Subaru Forester, 4th Toyota RAV4…

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