2018 Honda CR-V - Every warning light on

Hi…I have a 2018 Honda CRV (AWD). About 2 weeks ago something happened that apparently is happening to many 2017, 2018, and 2019 CRVs - every warning light on the dashboard came on and they won’t go off. ITried re-setting the settings, and sanding the ground wire to battery because someone online suggested it. Owners call Honda and they say “take it to a dealer.” They go to a dealer and the dealers say “maybe it’s the battery” and then “maybe it’s the fuel injectors” but once these are replaced, this same problem persists. People are at their wits’ end. So am I. It’s not just distracting, the cruise control won’t work and many of the safety features (warnings, etc.) won’t work when the dashboard is lit up with multiple warnings. What can be done?

If every warning light is on this would suggest a BUS communication failure.

Is the Airbag light on?
Door ajar? Low oil pressure? Seat belt? Low fuel level? Power steering failure?

Take it to the dealer and tell them… Anything they “fix” that doesn’t fix the problem is on their dime. Don’t pay for guesses. They should understand and accept that. If they don’t, contact Honda corporate at the number in your owners manual. Also contact NHSTA at NHSTA.gov as this is arguably a safety problem. Check for recalls there as well.

A bad BCM can cause that.