2014 Honda CR-V - Many lights



My 2014 Honda CR V now have multiple warning lights on, such as Tire Pressure Monitor, Electric Power Steering, Vehicle Stability Assist, and Parking Brake Light. I found sometimes turn off, e.g. after I drove few kilometers and turn-off and turn-on engine again. what caused the problem? thanks in advance for your help.


All these warning lights going off and you still DRIVE this car??

It needs to go to a repair shop right away when all the lights are on so the mechanic can diagnose the problem(s). There is a very long list of things that might turn those lights on.


I assume that your check-engine light is one of the lights that’s on. If so, you need to have the codes read. Most auto parts stores will do this for free.


No, the check engine light never on. only the 4 warning lights on sometimes. last night I parked my car inside of garage, this morning is fine, so have any idea? Thank you.


wrong; the dealer may claim you need $2000 worth of repairs;
time to get a $35 DTI code reader from Amazon and look for codes; I always keep a code reader in the glove box.


He said shop, NOT dealer.


I don’t know, could a weak battery cause these symptoms?


That would be the good first thing to check. if it’s the original battery, it certainly could be ready for replacement. My auto parts store will check it for free and replace it if it’s bad.


It could well be something simple, like the battery or alternator. If you know how, measure the battery voltage before first start of the day. It should be about 12.6 volts. Next measure it after starting the engine. At idle it should measure 13.5-15.5. volts. If you measure anything outside those ranges, that has to be addressed first.


Do you really think the original poster can handle the reading of codes? especially since;

This isn’t a code your $35 reader can get. This takes a code reader that can read ABS/TCS/ESP steering and TPMS codes.

I never suggested the poster go to the dealer.


Yes, it could be a weak battery.


:joy: You so funny :joy:.
I agree with @Mustangman, your cheapo POS $35 DTI code reader isn’t going to cut it.

Any one besides Jared see where the dealer was mentioned?


Thank you all expert and professional who have provided any comment, great help for me.
I had checked battery and alternator, (referenced from YouTube), figure out this is a battery problem, such as 12.3 volt after parked inside garage, and Cold-cranking amps lower than 7 volts.
I switched new battery, now everything is fine. great. saved money.


Thanks for getting back and reporting the outcome - and the single and not so expensive repair for the many problems. Most people here want to learn as well as to help. We learn by hearing the whole story!

Several electrical problems reported here in the last few months have been resolved by a new battery, hooked up with clean connections.


With all the computerization of modern cars, a proper source of power is needed for proper functioning, as you have discovered. Glad it was something so straightforward.


Good for you for getting your Honda back on the road without the warning lights and running reliably.

You probably mean the battery was so weak its voltage measured only 7 volts during cranking. That’s probably what was causing all the warning lights. The car’s computers have to be powered up continuously for the various functions to work seamlessly. If they ever get powered off they forget their stored parameters & have to go through a re-initialization. 7 volts is probably not a high enough voltage to keep the computers powered up, so your car was having to repeatedly re-initialize after each cranking event, and that was confusing it. .