2018 Honda CR-V - Brake failure

went to start says brake system failure and won’t start

If you bought it new, it should be under warranty. It’s possible you just have a dead battery. Go ahead and eliminate that possibility if you can. If not, have it towed to either a dealer or a good independent shop.



Even if it was purchased as a used vehicle, the key to the mfr’s warranty coverage is the odometer mileage, as well as elapsed time. This vehicle has a bumper-to-bumper warranty for 3 years/36k miles–whichever comes first.

Unless the OP has racked-up a LOT of miles in two years, this should be a problem that is covered by that warranty. As a result, it needs to be towed to a Honda dealership, not to an independent mechanic.


ok thankyou

If you have not yet done so, PLEASE open the glove box, take out the booklet containing the provisions of the warranties (there are several, actually), and read the pertinent details. If–as I suspect–your car is still covered by the 3 yr/36k comprehensive warranty, that means that ANY mechanical or electrical problem will be repaired without cost.

Please don’t waste your money by going to an independent mechanic if the car is still covered by warranty!

Oops! I was thinking only the powertrain warranty would have transferred to the second owner. Then again, 36k in two years, 18k a year, isn’t really that far out of line.

Someone can correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe that Hyundai is the only mfr that shortens the Powertrain Warranty for the second owner. To the best of my recollection, the bumper-to-bumper warranty and the full Powertrain Warranty transfers with Hondas, and IIRC, the PW is 5 years/60K miles.

No, what I was thinking was that only the powertrain warranty transferred to the second owner rather than the bumper-to-bumper portion. Nothing about shortening the duration.

The title to this tread should really read “Dead Battery”.

With many late model vehicles, if the engine will not start and you deplete the vacuum in the power brake booster you will get a brake warning message, it is not the cause of the problem. After the engine is started, vacuum is restored and the message goes away.

Which auto manufacture deny the second owner of the vehicle the basic warranty?

Hyundai shortens their 10 year/100k Powertrain Warranty to 5 years/60k miles for the second owner. I’m not aware of any mfr shortening the comprehensive “bumper-to-bumper” warranty, but I await correction if I am wrong on my second point.

None that I’m aware of, but I’m willing to be educated by dave.

I’m the one who was educated. I was under the impression that only the powertrain warranty transferred and I’m happy to be proved wrong.

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Providing the warranty to subsequent owners improves the resale value of the product; used cars, lease returns, rental cars etc.


No you’re not, no one is. Accepting it gracefully is more like it, and I suspect that is what you mean.


If only that type of sensible thought could be communicated on the political level, nationally.


In different circumstances you might be right but if my being proved wrong benefits other vehicle owners I can live with a slight embarrassment. Thus, I’m happy for the others who are covered by their vehicle manufacturers’ warranties.

That’s my definition of accepting it gracefully. We’re on the same page, and thanks for having a good attitude.