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2016 Honda CR-V - is the water pump covered under warranty?

my wife driving the vehicle and suddenly the battery light comes on and few minutes later all the light on the cluster comes on. good things she’s only a block away from home so she manage to go home safe. I open the hood and I notice the smell like burnt rubber so I look around the engine compartment and I found the drive belt was snapped. found out the water pump seized up. the car has only 56,000 kilometers and just a little under 5 years , but we have bought extended warranty for 6 years. Is this covered under power train warranty? i do believed water pump is part of the engine. please need an answer.

Ruben , how would anyone know what your extended warranty covers. Either read your warranty contract or call the warranty company.

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I know a lawyer that would read and explain what is and what is not covered by your extended warranty. Initial consultation is $500.
Or, you could ask at the dealership that sold you the warranty.

The water pump is covered by the powertrain warranty, 5 years/60,000 miles.

I hope you see in hindsight that the car should have been immediately parked. Those were drastic symptoms.