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2018 Honda CR-V better than a Subaru?

Which country made the engine for 2018 Honda CR-V?
Is CR-V better than Subaru, Forester to 70 years old female driver? Or what car is good for senior driver?

Thanks a lot!

If you are looking at a new vehicle why do you even care where the engine was made. As for the Subaru do you really need a complex all-wheel drive vehicle. No one can tell you what is the best vehicle for you that is why you test drive .

Have no idea where anything is made.
We have a '14 CRV. Mother-in-law has a '17 CRV. No complaints on either vehicle. I see a lot of both vehicles where I live. I had the opportunity to drive an HRV last year for a day (the CRV’s little brother) and liked it as well. I’ve test driven a couple of ~5 year old Subarus; I liked them but not enough to pay a little more.
You’ll really need to test drive, particularly checking the ease of getting in and out and visibility. I think for many, SUVs are easier to get in and out of, because of height.

The lady down the street is not 70 yet , she will be next year and she drives a 2017 Camaro so that must be a good vehicle for senior ladies.

Consumer Reports recently did an article about cars for seniors. I recall the Subaru Forester was well thought of. New safety features were evaluated, too.

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Honda press release i saw said motors were built exclusively in Anna Ohio Assy plant

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“At the Wheel Over 65: Driving Safer, Driving Longer,” July 2017, pages 18-29.

It ends with a Top 25 New Cars for Senior Drivers list, indicating those that stand out for “senior features” - front-seat access, visibility, controls, and headlights.

CR top rated the Forester for seniors. I’m 80 and drive one myself. I agree the AWD is complicated, but as long as you keep up with the maintenance it should be fine.

Access and visibility are great, only problem I have is road noise is high. But I’d look at the controls, my year (15) was the last model before they went to the dreaded touch panel.

And just what percentage of people actually do that ?

I’d like to see good research results on that, but never have. All we hear is anecdotal. So much is based on prejudices and stereotypes. So many factors in that kind of behavior.

Some worthy data might be from carmakers who process warranty claims. What percentage of their complaining customers have kept up with the called-for maintenance - or at least, have the paperwork to prove it?

Hi Sue,
Almost all of the CR-V vehicles sold in North America are built in Ohio. The engine for the CR-V is built in Anna, Ohio. The Subaru Forester is built only in Japan. That makes it unusual since most of Subaru’s products sold in America are built here. If you want an expanded list of which popular crossover is made where, here you go. As a Forester owner, I don’t recommend it to people. Too many recent class action suits (engine and transmission). My favorite in the class is the Mazda CX-5. Good luck.