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Honda crvvs subaru forester (new purchase)

We are in the market for a new small suv namely Honda CRV/Subaru Forester.

Any recommendations please are most welcome.



Both good, if you like the CRV’s odd styling. Consumer Reports rates the Forester tops, but your opinion is the bottom line.

test out both and buy the one you like. I will throw a suggestion your way and name the Mazda CX-7 as a candidate

Without a doubt, Honda CRV for reliability. Try to get the FWD instead of AWD if you don’t need AWD and FWD is offered. FWD is front wheel drive. That way, you won’t have any tough tire decisions if one tire goes bad.

The CRV will hold its value better than the Subaru over three to five years, but personally I like the Forester better.

We did this same dance about 9 months ago. We ended up with a RAV4. To be fair, there wasn’t a CRV to be had at that time, so we didn’t really compare it. We bought the Basic V6 4WD version. I think if we were to do it again, we would do the I4 2WD version. Anyway, seemed like the RAV4 had more room in the back, and the rear seats fold flat. We had some concerns about the way the back door opens, but that doesn’t seem to be an issue. I think the RAV4 has slightly better MPG.

We our RAV, daughter loves her CRV and neighbor loves his Forester. Shop by color, features and note exactly what your driving experience is to decide if you need awd…otherwise, you can’t go wrong on each.

You might also consider a Ford Escape or Mercury Mariner. If you can’t stand something with a Ford name attached to it, look at the Mazda Tribute. It’s pretty much the same truck. But it says ‘Mazda’ on it. Test drive the Ford products and see if the price difference between the Ford products and the Honda or Toyota products is worth it.