2019 Subaru Forester - Seats

I have a Subaru Forester and the seats are so uncomfortable. Is there a similar vehicle that has comfy seats for this senior citizen? I miss my Corolla, but the car is hard to get in and out of!.

The only way to find a car with comfy seats for you, is for you to evaluate them in person. What I find comfy may not be what you find comfy. Any car you consider should be trst driven for more than 5 minutes before you buy. Rent one for a weekend.


Good advice from Mustangman! A friend just bought a Toyota RAV4 for his wife; her old Chevy had sagging low seats and was hard to get in and out of.

She loves the nice seats and higher position which makes it easier for seniors to enter and leave.

I’m getting to that age myself and will test seats for a weekend if necessary before my next purchase.

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At least take a longer test drive in a CRV and a Toyota Rav4. The Toyota’s seats may be more to your liking than the Subaru’s. My 2015 Forester gets a little uncomfortable after a couple hours for me but adjusting the seat just a little helps.

My 72yr old dad has been driving a 2007 CRV that after 30min he needs to stop and get out of the vehicle for a minute. A longer test drive of a 2019 CRV proved to be very comfortable.

And make sure you drive the exact model you’re considering. Sometimes base models have different seats than the higher-option models.

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+1 to @texases. When we searched for a used Audi my wife preferred the S-line option seats. The base seats looked exactly the same as the S-line but sat very differently.

Additionally, the higher-end models frequently have better sound-deadening materials embedded underneath the carpets. Driving the entry-level trim line, or even the middle-of-the-pack trim line, can give you a very different experience than the higher-end trim lines, and that has to do with both seating quality and sound-deadening.

An excellent suggestion, but don’t stop there. When you find the car you want, take it for a long test drive to make sure it’s the one for you. If you are going to spend $20,000 or more, you need to make sure the one you take home is exactly what you want.

I spent about an hour riding as the front passenger in a new Ford Transit 150 van recently. Talk about uncomfortable seats. After half an hour, I was more than ready to get out and walk around a bit. I would think anyone considering one of those vans for use in a fleet or for service work would be making a mistake.

The rear seats are even worse. They have dips or partitions in them forcing passengers to sit in the dip, even if they are alone in a seat meant for three.

Ford needs to hire batter ergonomic engineers.