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Honda CRV 2007 AC problems?

Just found out that my 2007 Honda CR-V’s air conditioner is toast to the tune of $1500+ for new compressor and condensor (sp?)…I have 111,000 miles on the car.

Am I wrong to expect the AC to last a little longer, especially since Hondas are supposed to go and go and go?

Well, the A/C compressor on The CR-V seems to be a major Weak spot. Just Google CR-V A/C problems to find out for yourself

Maybe with a few phone call to Honda you might get some compensation.

Well, Hondas break just like everything else and when I worked for a Honda dealer the cars were stacked up outside the service bay doors for a reason.

That being said, the car is a bit young for a compressor/condenser failure although the mileage could put it at the failure point. There’s usually a reason for the failure though and a compressor failure is usually caused by a lack of refrigerant oil. With miles, an auto A/C unit will lose a little refrigerant over time around seals and refrig. oil is also lost with the refrig. This can be normal, although one wouldn’t generally expect it on a 3/4 year old car.

Since you mention condenser replacement does this mean the condenser is damaged, either by collision or road debris, etc.? If so, a lot of oil can be lost through condenser damage and this can bring the end on even quicker.

The idea is that Honda’s(and Toyota) go and go and go without repair is folklore and urban legend. They occasionally require repairs and some expensive maintenance(timing belts on older ones) the owners who have at the upper mileage neglect to mention. The perception keeps people going on maintaining them and repairing them. In the end nearly all brands go a long time if an owner is willing to perform regular repairs and maintenance.

I know I have owned two Honda’s into the 200k-250k range.

Irregardless they make some decent choices in cars and SUV’s.

Also on majority of cars AC does usually last longer irregardless brand including the perceived worst(VW, Jaguar) ones.

Hondas break down just like any other car, though 111,000 miles sounds early for a complete overhaul of the AC system.

Is it possible the problem isn’t as severe as you were quoted? I have a friend who drives a lot of highway miles with his CRV and he has had to replace several AC condensers due to rocks and/or road debris puncturing them.

The CRV ‘black death’ a/c problem seemed to be more in 2002-2004. Why does it need a condensor? If the problem is a result of a leak caused by damage to the condensor Honda won’t be very accomodating.