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Whining sound between 40 and 80 mph and only inside the car!

It’s strange, but I hear a whining sound between 40 and 80 mph (windows rolled down while driving :)). Outside of those speeds, there’s no or very slight whining sound that can be heard from the inside of the car, but not outside. I obviously hadn’t the chance to have someone stand by the road to see if they can hear whining as I go above 40mph, but perhaps that’s next.

Any idea?

Honda’s been making Accords for quite a few years.

How old is yours? How many miles on it? 4-cylinder or V-6? Sedan, hatchback, or coupe? Manual or automatic?

Do you hear the same whine if the windows are closed?

It’s like pulling teeth.

…and does it change at all with speed - either car and/or engine. And what kind if whine is it - sounds like…?

2002 Honda Accord LX, 4-cyl, auto, 200k+. I only hear the sound when the windows are closed. When I try to listen for it with my head outside, I can’t hear the whining sound. It also doesn’t make the sound when i’m in park and revving the car, so only when in motion does it make the sound.

The whining sound reminds me of a go-cart engine (best way i can describe it). The whining is a little louder at the lower speeds between 40-80, so between 40-65 it’s a little louder than when I reach closer to 80mph.

Your original post says “. . . I hear a whining sound between 40 and 80 mph (windows rolled down while driving :)).”

Now you say you only hear it when the windows are closed.

Have you checked the level of the automatic transmission fluid?

You beat me to it, mcparadise!

Which is it, OP?
Windows down, or windows up?
Or both?

Also–How old are your tires?
How much tread is remaining on them?

Oops, sorry meant that I only hear it with the windows up. New tires. Transmission fluid seems to be okay. Checked yesterday.

I have a similar problem with any of my vehicles with the windows up or down. I’ve got the problem narrowed down the to rear seat area and curiously whenever my mother-in-law is traveling with us. The speed can be from 0-70 mph. Your problem sounds like a torque converter when the transmission fluid is low.

hmmm. i’ll check the transmission fluid again.

thanks all for your insights. this is a great site.

is it your wife?

I would bet dollars to donuts its a bad wheel bearing. However, you should have them check the constant velocity (CV) joints. When bearings start to go bad, they are heard at higher speeds first, when they get really bad, they whine all the time. I had this problem recently and took my car into 3 places to get checked out, no one could locate the sound. We checked transmission, rear-diff, etc etc…So I drove it for a month or so and it became obvious that it was a front wheel bearing.

Or like missileman says…it’s your mother-in-law in the backseat, so kick her out. Good Luck!