2018 Honda Accord Hybrid - Donut



Why buy new? I would buy a late model Acord donut from a Junkyard; I mean auto parts recycling center. Take a box of donuts, I bet they would trial fit it for you. Also buy the jack and lug wrench. Lots of these around, as there is little demand for them.

I like junk yards, If you don’t, find the local indpendent Honda repair shop and ask them. The donut has spent its life in the trunk and should be good to go.

I have 2 Acuras with no spares. I live in SW Florida and there is still a lot of roof repair going on, but I have had 2 nails in tires in 10 years. The tire monitoring system warns me before they are flat. My wife could not/would not/and should not change an SUV tire. Acuras include free roadside assistance.


i would go to dealer and look in trunk of new accord. they might even have a hybrid in the showroom. and than look at a non-hybrid.


Here’s one way to make a spare fit a car without one. Miata%20continental%20kit


If the OP had just asked if their 2018 Hybrid Accord could have a temporary spare where the repair kit is now it would have been a lot clearer question. I think that is why the dealer was not much help because the mention of the non hybrid just confused the issue.


Sorry, but the parts guy knew exactly what I was asking. There was no confusion. He said he would order me the donut tire made for a the non hybrid accord car BUT he could not guarantee that it would fit on the hybrid. There would be a restocking charge of 20%.

There must be some reason why no one in the entire Honda dealership won’t say yes or no as to if it will or not fit.


The guys at the dealer are a bunch of dopes, in my opinion

Of all the places you could think of, the dealer should have plenty of 2018 Accords on the lot

You should have told the guy “Show me that the spare will fit, and I’ll buy it”

Considering how much they wanted to charge you, you’d think they would try a little harder, to ensure the sale


There is no incentive for them to try this, only more work after a customer changes their mine about the purchase. What if warning lights turn on when driving with a compact spare tire on this vehicle? Has anyone tried this?

You may decide that the spare doesn’t store well or find a better deal on the parts and cancel the order or return the parts.


I can’t get outside today so I played with Google . I also found temporary wheel and tire for sale . I also saw a article that stated that because there was not a hold down bolt for the spare in the hybrid that the manual says not to use one . I would think because it becomes a lethal projectile in an accident.

I agree with Nevada the dealer might be aware that they best avoid this issue . Also I suspect the 700.00 price was for a full size tire and wheel and accessories.


After reading @Nevada545’s post, i wish i had thought to check online for a used one.
The donut, hold down bolt, jack and lug wrench for my wife’s 2016 Kia Soul was 400 bucks. It stores completely out of the way
It did pay off when she ran over something on the freeway and blew the right front tire and AAA installed the donut