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2018 Honda Accord Hybrid - Donut

Does the donut tire from a non hybrid 2018 Honda Accord fit on a 2018 Honda hybrid accord

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Most likely, but a good question for the dealer.

Not sure why you are asking but if you have access to both vehicles just try it and see . A dealer parts department is the place for this question.

I do not have access to both vehicles

Therefore that is why I am asking.

Call the dealer parts department for your answer . I doubt if anyone here knows if they will interchange.

Also, I did ask dealer, he could not find answer to the question. After talking to multiple techs etc at Honda. His advice…I should buy another tire, rim, bolts etc in addition to jack and put it in trunk since it won’t fit in well. Cost at Honda dealership $700 +tax.

I guess you have to replace the spare in your vehicle for some reason. Try Tire Rack web site or a salvage yard might know what might fit .
Just for the nosy people here , what happened to the one you had ?

The Accord Hybrid comes with a temporary tire repair kit, no spare tire.

Thank you. I know that since I just purchase this car. I didn’t realize and wasn’t told there was no donut when I bought the car. I do not like the chance of going somewhere e.g airport and getting towed because the repair kit cannot fix the flat.the repair kit will only fix a small puncture, if it is a blowout the kit does not work. The car must be towed. Ford Fusion hybrid has the same repair kit. Camry hybrid gas a donut. Lesson learned buyer beware and know the questions to ask. I liked the accord hybrid but would have went with Camry because of the spare. It is pitiful that Honda cannot answer my question.

Does your trunk even have a cutout for the donut spare . . . ?!

Good question DB. The last thing she needs is heavy spare tire flying at her head in an accident.

There isn’t a spare wheel listed in the parts catalog so the parts department employee can’t cross reference this.

I would buy a used compact spare that fits a late model Accord and try it, the wheel hubs shouldn’t be different.

700.00 dollars will pay for a lot of wrecker calls and cab fare . Flat tires are a rarity anymore .
Besides I myself will use my roadside service so I don’t have to change a tire with 60 + MPH distracted drivers going by me.


If this 2018 Accord Hybrid doesn’t even have a cutout for the donut spare . . . I wouldn’t buy a spare, even if it did fit perfectly. It would just eat up trunk space and annoy you every time you went grocery shopping, all because you MIGHT need it some day

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There is a tray in the spare tire well that holds the tire repair kit, the OP stated that they would put the spare in the trunk .

I would keep the spare tire at home in my garage and only carry it on long trips, I have used the spare tire while travelling off-road and while in Mexico.

Most spare tires never get used and I find some have less that 10 PSI in them because the owner hasn’t added air in 10 years.

@Cathyerkinger I guess the thing to do if you must have a spare and it will not fit in the tire well like a normal spare - Find a tire store that will sell you a steel wheel that will fit your car with as cheap tire of the right size as can find.

  1. yes there is a spare tire well which is filled with a styrofoam container for the tire repair kit. It is removable.

  2. yes that is what I want to do. Buy a new not used donut for a non hybrid 2018 Honda Accord and put it in the well of my hybrid. But I can’t get a straight answer if it will fit on the hybrid from Honda or anyone. I can not believe I am the only person that wants to do this. Thank you for all the input.

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Based on a comparison of the Hybrid wheels for sale and the regular Accord wheels on TireRack, the offerings are exactly the same size and offsets. From that I am, confident that, Yes, the donut spare from the regular car will fit the hybrid.

My advice is to buy the wheel and have it trail fit just to make sure before you buy all the other stuff. If it fits, buy a tire, jack and lug wrench.

I think you mean do a TRIAL FIT

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Thank you!!! That is what I will do. I wish Honda would be so forthcoming. When I called dealership parts dept. they wouldn’t guarantee it would fit the hybrid. There would be a 20% restocking fee. It is worth the risk. I may try to get the donut from another parts supplier. Thanks again