No spare tire for 2017 Honda Accord Hybrid

The car did not come from the factory with a spare tire. Do you rely the inflator and fix-a-flat, AAA service, or have you purchased a full-sized spare?

Do you own a cell phone? That pretty much takes the place of a spare tire these days.

The 2017 hybrid Accord has a tire repair kit.

The 2017 V6 Accord is equipped with a limited service spare tire.


Haven’t had a flat tire in many, many years. Have you?

Not in the last 30 years, if my memory is good.

I have spare tires for both of my cars and would not like relying on fix a flat. I have the motor club and mfg road service, but what are they going to do if you ruin a tire? All they can do is tow you to a tire shop. While it is true that flat tire are rare, they do happen and happen at the most inopportune time. The last one was just before leaving for out of state for Thanksgiving. The one before that was in Southern Illinois about 800 miles from home. You do need to stay mobile and tires are the only thing between you and the road so they take a lot of abuse.


I’ve had a few flats in the last 20 years. 2 of them were way up dirt roads, places AAA won’t go. I used to drive in remote spots often. I wouldn’t without a real spare and the tools (including a real pump and a real jack). I’ve helped others to change and inflate their tires. Other people are different.

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All my vehicles have always come with full size spares. And I have had a flat tires on all of them at least once, except for my Corolla, don’t think I’ve had a flat on that car. Yet. If you don’t like the situation where you only have a pump and patch kit, the better alternative imo is a limited service spare tire and jack. You’ve probably seen them before, smaller than a normal size tire. The upside of the limited service spare compared to a full size spare, it doesn’t take up as much room in the trunk. The downside, you can only drive them at moderate speeds, and even then only for the shortest distance necessary to get to a place that can repair your flat tire or sell you a replacement.

My 2009 Dodge did not come with a spare tire. What it did come with was a large, mostly square, piece of styrofoam in the trunk well where I’d look for a spare tire. I wondered how I would use that as a spare tire…:wink:

I went to and found a “used” spare from a Charger. Got it shipped to my house and all for around $80, and I got a jack too (already had a lug wrench).

I too haven’t had a flat tire in many years… but today could be the first, if you know what I mean.

Is there a place to store a full sized spare, or would it take up half of your trunk space? I have a 2017 Accord (not hybrid) with the space saver spare. I don’t think a full sized spare would fit into the spare tire well. Given how flimsy the scissor jacks seem, I would try the fix-a-flat first and then call a service truck if the temporary repair didn’t work. You can buy any aftermarket jack you want, but a decent sized one would take up a lot of the remaining space.

George, to be fair, your newest car is an early 90s Corolla


Again, I’m just saying, what is a service truck going to do for you on the road? All they will do is either change your tire for you or tow you someplace. They are not going to install a new tire for you or repair your tire. So if you don’t have a spare, you will need to be towed. How do I know this? Saturday afternoon calling Acura roadside assistance.

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The service truck will fix the flat if they can or tow your car to a shop that can fix or replace the tire.

Ah, I have changed my mind on this.

I had never had a bad flat in my life, just nails and leaks. Then came the 2016 Hyundai Veloster with its skinny tires and the tire repair kit.

One Sunday night a few weeks ago, hit a pot hole from hell, blew the front tire and I knew it immediately. Just had enough time to pull to the side in a safe place. Checked the tire and the rip was too big for the mobility kit. Tried the compressor and the air would come out. Hyundai roadside assistance was willing to tow me to a dealership but then the car would have to sit until the next morning. I pain extra for AAA to tow the car home, took the tire off and went to a 24 hr tire place and paid extra for a new tire. Thankfully the rim was fine (I needed to be at work the next morning so waiting was not an option).

It cost me dearly in uber fees (my passengers), extra tow fees and also ruined our plans for that night.

So. I bought a spare tire kit with everything online for around $250. It fits in the same spot. I also now have an extra compressor. Lesson learned.


I decided to take my chances without a spare. Got a nail in the sidewall the night before vacation drive. Put the tire on the roof rack and mounted the 13 year old spare and made the trip, The spare tire mechanism with plastic gears busted lowering the tire, so no way I could even put a spare back up without $125 parts, or $250 installed. Got a new tire when we made it to the cabins, you pay your dues or take the chances. The car is now a town car, 15 years old and 188k miles, I can deal without a spare.

I had some choice words for the nimrod who decided not to include a spare with my 2017 Accord Hybrid.

I live in Arizona - and around 1pm, doing about 70mph in the carpool lane - I see the “Low Pressure” light come on and I safely make 4 lane change and pull over. Tire sidewall failed. So I open the trunk and learn what Eric learned. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

No amount of fix-a-flat would solve this. I called for a tow truck and had a 50 minute wait in the burning sun. Oh joy. I got towed to the tire store and I got all four tires replaced. And am getting a donut. Yes, I have seen the battery warning. I also carry luggage in my trunk. I’m willing to roll the dice.

Does anyone know what sized donut I need for a car that has 225/50/17 tires?

I saw a YouTube video from a guy with a 2019 Accord Hybrid - and he purchased a T135/80/16 - spare tire - but the 2019 Accord comes with 245/35/19 tires. I don’t know the math to figure out if the outer diameter is the same for a lower profile 19" tire, compared to my 17"

Here’s the video showing how he added a spare tire and toolkit to his 2019 Accord Hybrid

I would have waited in the running car with the A/C on.

And that tire blew out like that because it was driven on underinflated.

You need to check your tire pressures more often. Don’t trust the TPMS.

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I have lived in Arizona and never run tires more than 3 summers because of the extreme summer temps. Age of the tire factors in as much as mileage in our state :slight_smile:

We bought this car used, about a year ago. The tires looked relatively new, so I wasn’t too worried them. After this blowout- I didn’t want to trust the other 3, so I replaced them all.

Good point about TPMS. I’ll do some spot checking to make sure they are reading accurately. Thx.

You have been lucky , I see them all the time when taking long trips .

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