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2019 Honda Accord Hybrid - Windshield issues

I bought a brand new '19 Honda Accord Hybrid in July '19.
It is now December '19. I have had to replace the windshield 3 times already since then due to cracks. Once that appeared while parked in the sun. And it just cracked again! This will be the fifth windshield in 6 months. WTF!! Anyone else having this issue? Is there anything I can do?

You are not alone. Honda has had issues with cracked Accord Hybrid windshields. Here is the proof. And it is not just the hybrid trims. Here is the proof


Hi Juan

I am also facing the same problem with my Honda Hybrid 2019 model. It’s not even a year and this is second time my windshield cracked while car was parked in the sun. There was no sign of chip. Honda dealer do not entertain this request.

I spoke to Honda Dealer and they are not entertaining this request. They are still saying it is chipped. Please let me know if you have any resolution.


I am having my windshield replaced tomorrow at the dealership by the mobile safelight installer so that the chief honda technician can check the car while the window is removed.

We’ll see what happens.

Please post back with results.
I’m curious if they gonna recalibrate the frontal camera+radar and how much that’s gonna be.

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One months back I have replaced windshield from dealer and it cost me $2000 which includes recalibration.

thanks for sharing

did you pay out of pocket or let insurance pick it up?

Windshield is 100% covered through Glass insurance.

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