Compact Spare tire (Donut)

I need to get a compact spare tire for my Dad’s 2004 Accent (Hyundai). The dealer said the spare would cost $175. I told them that I would get one (remembering a junk yard that was selling them for $25). However, before I hung up they said “make sure it fits the Accent”… does that mean that not all donuts fit all cars? What infomration from my Dad’s car do I need to make sure that I buy the “right” donut?


The rim has to have the correct bolt pattern 4 or 5 bolts and bolt hole spacing as well as the hub hole has to be the correct diameter. I think yours has a 4x100 bolt pattern, that is 4 bolts spaced on a 100 mm center with a 54.1 mm hub. There are a lot of small cars that use this pattern.

Check this link, it should help

Make sure it clears the caliper. Also, don’t drive farther or faster than recommended in the owner’s manual if you are driving the space saver. Your brakes are compromised with that thing on there.

True, Not only the brakes but also the differential if used on a driven axle.