2012 Ford Fiesta - transmission problems

Owned care for just 1 year. Always seemed to “search” for 2nd gear, now “stammers” and “stutters” into 2nd and starting to do same into 3rd. Dealer says that care “needs to get to know me and how I drive.” I say: it must know me by now, so assume it just doesn’t like me? Have heard horror stories about being abandoned, etc. My question: do I continue to try to get dealer to fix? or just trade car. I used to love it, am beginning to hate it. Am retiring next month and need relliable a reliable car, so need to do something ASAP. Please, HELP. Thanks in advance.


Try a different service writer at that dealership

If that doesn’t work, talk to the service manager

If that doesn’t work, go to a different dealer

If that doesn’t work, contact Ford corporate and ask to get in touch with the regional manager

If you trade in, the dealer will likely find a way to shaft you in the process

The dealer has to fix this problem. They don’t want to but it is under warrantee. Take it back again and tell them that if it isn’t fixed, you will be talking to a lawyer about the lemon law. Also agree with db4690 except that I would not bother with a different service writer or different dealer, go straight up the chain of command, don’t take any side branches and let each know that you will consider the lemon law.

If you do end up invoking the lemon law, do not let the dealer or Ford corp dictate the terms of the settlement. They will tell you that they can deduct a mileage charge that is exorbitant, don’t accept that, get a lawyer.