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2018 Ford F-150 - transmission slipping in low gears?

I have a 2018 F150 Lariat Crew Cab with a 5L engine and the new 10 speed transmission. There are only 16K miles on it, and almost since new, it feels like the transmission slips in the lowest gears. I didn’t feel this over the summer months, but now that the cold weather is here, it seems I feel it when I first start out on a cold morning. I’ve had it in for service at the Ford dealership twice to get a tech’s opinion and they say it’s normal. I’ve owned Ford trucks for nearly 30 years and have never felt a slip, but this is my first 10 speed. Is this slipping feeling normal or is one of us (me or the technician) crazy?

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have the dealership take you for a test drive in a similar truck, with the same transmission set up.

If it does it, what you are feeling may be normal for that transmission. I have not experienced one myself, but if it is “normal,” then other trucks with this transmission will also feel the same.


Hey, Wondering if you resolved the cold transmission issues. I have a 2019 2.7 10speed and going into my 2nd winter (Minnesota) and noticing a more pronounced slipping in the morning. 17,787 miles

A one year old vehicle with only 17k+ miles will be covered by the manufacturer’s Powertrain Warranty for many more miles. Instead of seeking solutions via the internet, you should take the truck back to a Ford dealership for diagnosis and free repairs.

If the dealership is not able to help you, then you need to contact Ford at the corporate level, via the contact info that can be found in your Owner’s Manual.

I have started talking with the dealership and will be bringing the truck in, but I like to talk to people with a little background on the topic, thats why I’m here. Hate covering ground someone else has all ready been over. First conversation was the usual - Thats how they all work- This being my 6th F150 in 30 years, I’ve found they always don’t come out with the notices and recalls on the first visit.
Thx for the response

And if you tell the service writer that someone said to do a certain thing all you will do is make them irritated . You just describe the symptoms as best you can and if not solved there are contact numbers in your owners manual.

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And I’m thinking this was a mistake expecting to here from someone who actually has the same truck with the same issues and responding about those issues.
But the first 2 response we’re a swing and a miss.
Guess I expected to much

That should be your clue that you need to “kick it up” to the corporate level.
After speaking to one of their customer service folks on the phone, you need to do a follow-up–IN WRITING–referencing the date and time of your phone conversation, along with the pertinent details of the problem.

I suggest that you send the follow-up letter via Certified Mail, with return receipt requested. That way, you have a paper trail proving that they received your complaint regarding a fully-warrantied vehicle that the dealership was unable or unwilling to properly diagnose.


Are you referring to delayed upshifts? This is common to many transmissions in very cold weather.

The most important thing is to get written documentation from the dealer service department each time you take this vehicle in for perceived transmission slipping, shuddering, etc. Do not let them claim nothing was done, so therefore no written work order is being provided. This documentation will be very important in the future when the transmission craps out–probably soon after the warranty ends–so you have proof that this is an ongoing warranty issue.

Also, consider taking the truck to a different Ford dealer to see what their diagnosis is.

Have you posted this on a F150 forum?

Yes it could be thought of a delay, it’s more of a spinning between gears for half a second. And sometimes wanting to shift down for even a quicker moment. But on a -10 morning it spun like that taking a right turn, twice within about 2 blocks and lasted through most of the turn. I think its a fluid issue on cold days first start, like a few people have suggested, but I don’t want it starving for fluids and hurting something if its something as easy as putting in a different fluid. And I’m leasing this truck and giving it back in 18 months and the dealer is a friend so I’m not worried about getting hit with any costs, just don’t want to get stuck on the side of the road this time of year.

No but I’ve seen a few forums about this tranny and people not happy about how they’re shifting

The dealer is a friend so why don’t you just bypass the service writer and ask him about your problem.