2018 Ford F-150 - transmission slipping in low gears?



I have a 2018 F150 Lariat Crew Cab with a 5L engine and the new 10 speed transmission. There are only 16K miles on it, and almost since new, it feels like the transmission slips in the lowest gears. I didn’t feel this over the summer months, but now that the cold weather is here, it seems I feel it when I first start out on a cold morning. I’ve had it in for service at the Ford dealership twice to get a tech’s opinion and they say it’s normal. I’ve owned Ford trucks for nearly 30 years and have never felt a slip, but this is my first 10 speed. Is this slipping feeling normal or is one of us (me or the technician) crazy?


have the dealership take you for a test drive in a similar truck, with the same transmission set up.

If it does it, what you are feeling may be normal for that transmission. I have not experienced one myself, but if it is “normal,” then other trucks with this transmission will also feel the same.