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2018 Ford F-150 - Window issues

front and rear window problems. within 6 months both windows have broken with no visible signs of road damage.Drove the truck about 12 miles to the store and back, got up the next morning and the windshield had a large crack had it replaced, about 5 months later my daughter called me and told me that the rear window blew out after she parked for the night, and saw it the next morning. It blewout from the inside because most of the glass was in the bed of the truck. The truck had less than 10,000 miles.

Happens sometimes.


2020 F250 driver side door glass did same thing with no apparent scratches or damage, talking to tech ford is using a new type of safety glass past 3-5yrs…I’d call ford and search blogs to see if it’s getting more common, it’s like the early 90s gm paint/primer issue, small product change and starts showing up common issues 10yrs after the change