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2014 Ford Expedition - Window

Has anyone who owns a 2014 Expedition had any problems with the rear window exploding? Today the back window completely exploded while my husband was close by. He wasn’t hurt, but could have been. The window was reduced to rubble.

Unless he got a piece of class in his eye, he probably would not have ceen hurt if he was sitting in the back seat. Modern side and rear glass are made of tempered glass. If anything breaks the surface of the glass, the whole window shatters into small rounded pieces that won’t cause large cuts.
Most of the time you will never know what caused it unless there is more that one instance in a neighborhood at the same time.

It can be vandalism, a flaw in the glass or poor installation, or who knows what. Had it happen to my PT Cruiser. I didn’t worry about what caused it, just notified my insurance company and went and had it replaced. I have always carried full glass coverage.

It’s not widely reported on CarComplaints, our sister publication. However, peeling paint on Ford SUVs of that generation is common. Glad to hear nobody was injured.

I’ve seen this happen a few times. This can occur on any vehicle.

It once happened to my mothers car while we were unloading groceries from the trunk.

The rear glass exploded for no reason.

Scared the hell out me and my brother!


I don’t recall hearing any complaints from posters here about that on the Expedition. But we do sometimes here about exploding glass, especially outside rear view mirrors for some reason. Suggest to use the forum search feature to see if there’s other posts about Expeditions glass exploding. Click on that icon above right that looks like a magnifying glass.