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2018 Dodge Challenger - Transmission slip

2018 Challenger GT – Transmission started slipping when cold at approx 4000 miles. Dealer states it is normal. The trasmission shifted PERFECT for the first 4000 miles, then started slipping. Once warmed up, problem goes away.

It’s not normal but you already knew that. Your Owner’s Manual should have a number for Fiat/Chrysler. Call and escalate your complaint.


Any slippage at all is not normal. No doubt the people you conversed with at the dealer was either a service advisor or a service manager.
Very, very, very few of these people have any mechanical skills at all so anything they say should be taken with a grain or salt; or possibly the entire salt shaker.

They do not want to appear to be mechanically clueless to the customer so many of them wing it so to speak by relating utterly ridiculous statements and sometimes outright ludicrous BS.

For what it’s worth, my daughter has a 2015 Challenger RT and the transmission in at 75k miles has no slippage. From the words they used on you this would mean that her car is the “abnormal” one.