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2001 Dodge Grand Caravan Starts Intermittently

I have a 2001 Dodge Grand Caravan that has some intermittent starting issues.

Symptoms: put key in, dash lights up. turn key, 1 “click”, and then nothing, won’t start, no extended clicking or anything. Sometimes it will start after a few tries, sometimes come back later and it works. Battery also seems to drain relatively quickly sitting, and so sometimes needs to be jumped if sitting for a few days.

Also, had a really strange experience where after it had to be jumped, while driving, the dash and blinker totally went out, but car kept running. This happened a couple of times. I suspected something with the battery, so I had it tested and it checked out OK. Also, cleaned the terminals/battery cables w/ cleaner, wire brush, steel wool and sprayed some corrosion prevention stuff on there. It did need to be cleaned, but, alas, the problem continues.

Any ideas? Thanks!

check for a battery drain, pull each fuse out and see if you can find a bad circuit, have alternator checked, does dodge have a relay like ford does? if so replace it. a 2001 needs to have the battery cables replaced, lastly suspect the starter

We had a 2008 Dodge Grand Caravan that had the same intermittent starting issue. It happened sporadically to us, and eventually in front of the dealership (who said they couldn’t help us until it happened in front of them). We had the starter replaced twice by someone else (licensed mechanic, since the van was no longer under warrenty (100k miles on it). It still happened. Dealership talked us into replacing fuses and other stuff, $2,000 later, the problem still happened. Complained all the way to corporate without any justice or money paid back to us since the problem continued to occur. We ended up trading our vehicle in since we were getting stranded on a weekly basis. So sorry you are experiencing a similar thing.

I had the same problem, check the key fob. Switch between off and run jiggle or push deep and twist up. The key fob area or sensors could be going wrong I had to find that sweet spot. Doesn’t turn own automatically anymore when you turn it.

Did you take off the connections so you could clean the mating surfaces? Did you do both ends of each cable?

Could be the starter.