Why sometimes my 96 Dodge grand caravan won't start

Sometimes for no reason my van will not start.

It has full power. The is no pattern to the problem. I turn the key and nothing happens then I try it 15 minutes later and it will start. It goes for months at a time with no problem. Then all of a sudden it s starts again or I should say it does start…

After you eliminate the obvious, battery, cables, connections, try the ignition switch. Wiggle it around and see it that changes things. Also try shifting from park to neutral.

Donna, you’re not going to solve anything by wiggeling the key to see if it makes a difference. The business end of the system is under the dash next to the steering column and you can’t touch it without removing some of the dash board - if you could, the car would be easily ripped off. The ignition system, in the passenger area, is simply a lock assembly and wires which run the length of the steering column. Make sure your battery cables and battery posts/area is clean and properly tight. If you still have the problem have the ignition switch (Not the key assembly) replaced. Also, with your foot on the brake, move the gear select full range to see if it tries to start.

just curious:

do you have a HUGE key ring, with lots of neat stuff hanging off it?

too much weight hanging off the ignition can make the ignition switch act funny and fail.