Strange transmission slippage

2018 Toyota RAV4, 27K miles, zero degree morning, in either Drive or Reverse acted almost like Neutral. After about 5 minute warmup back to normal. Fine since, but warmer weather. Anyone ever even heard of anything like this, or have any ideas as to explanation?
Edit-- Not a CVT

my daughter was leasing a 2018 Hyundai Elantra. and in really cold weather it would feel like it was slipping a little for a few minutes until the tranny got some temp in it, then it was fine. I would think it is because the fluid is thicker when temps are really cold. just like engine oil.

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Yes, true.

But also low miles and short trips tends to build a little varnish on the control surfaces inside the transmission. Might be good to plan a trip that takes at least an hour there and an hour back when it warms up a bit.

Well, it’s 4 yrs old. So, things pop up.

Hyuandi was using those stupid dual clutch transmissions at that time (we had a Tuscan). They stopped using them rather quickly. First they tried using a dashboard light telling you that the tranny was overheating in traffic. Then when they realized that we are in the 21st century and nobody is going to put up with that, they temporarily went back to four speed automatics until they designed a regular eight speed.
We leased the Tuscan. I hated it for this very reason. Otherwise it was a great car. I tracked this whole story.

DCTs. Hyundai still uses them.