2018 Civic EX Hatchback whistling sound when coasting below 20 MPH

Here’s a clip of stopping and accelerating- https://i.imgur.com/ecTpt8K.mp4

This is in a 2018 Civic EX Hatchback.

Car is making a whistling sound while coasting below 20 MPH/ stopping. It sounds pretty consistent with the speed of the car. I had an issue with the brakes and had the rotors/pads replaced a few weeks ago, this sound was there before and after service. Sounds like when Wile E Coyote falls off a cliff-https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XCDKJQ3Z8bU

Any idea what this could be? Taking things back to the dealership has been a pain due to covid/scheduling, but if it has to go back it has to go back.

If you are still in the basic warranty then the dealer is your best move.