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2018 Honda Civic making ringing/jingling noise when accelerating

I purchased a used 2018 Honda Civic sedan a few months ago and I just noticed that it is making a ringing/jingling noise when accelerating. I noticed it for the first time 2 weeks ago when driving through an alley with the windows down and am only ever able to hear it when I pass by large objects closely. I find it so hard to explain what the noise is but it almost sounds like a socket wrench, with a jingle to it? And no I did not run over a reindeer haha. Any help would be appreciated! Brake pads, alignment, and tire balancing have all been checked recently and were apparently in great condition.

Get under the car and knock on the heat shield of the catalytic converter could be loose and causing that sound.

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Post a video or sound clip of the noise

Stop at a locally owned exhaust shop and ask them to check it. Something loose in the exhaust system is quite possible, and usually easy for them to fix. Or - fairly new car still under warranty? - a Honda dealer.

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Yep, how many miles? Is the 3 yr/36,000 warranty still in effect?

This could be something as simple as an exhaust hanger that has become detached.