2018 Chevrolet Trax - One bad rotor

brakes rotors shot at 15,000! 2018. just tires shop said really bad on left drivers side…front only rear fine…

My first question if that happened would be to know if the parking brake is dragging or if the caliper is frozen. It’s one or the other.

Rotor is shot? How so? Pads are gone? Down to metal?
If you have some pad material left, how can rotor be shot?

What symptoms are there when you use the front brakes? Vibrations? Is there excess runout? Evidence of a stuck caliper?

“Shot” is not very descriptive.

Are you out of warranty?

Mechanic said pass side front was not shot.
So, he should have theory on issue?

The complaint is a bit contradictory. I read this as both front rotors are bad with the LF being the worst. Brakes gone at 15k miles means…

Someone is riding the brakes or doing a lot of hard braking in city traffic.
Possibility of hydraulic pressure remaining in the calipers.
Lives in a rust prone area and the calipers are binding on the sliders.
Should not be hard to figure out.

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Had a set of front rotors so pitted they got replaced under warranty at 12k miles.

Needing new pads and rotors at 15 k miles isn’t common, but not unheard of either. It depends on how much braking has been required. Automatic transmission vehicles usually require more braking than manuals for example. Driving down steep hills, like if you live in San Francisco, that subjects the brakes to more intense use. And some make/model/year vehicles just don’t have as robust of brake equipment as others, not that they don’t stop quickly, but in terms of how long the parts last. The front brakes almost always wear faster than the rear b/c when you stop the weight of the car is thrown forward.

If you want the brakes to last longer, try this: As soon as you see the light is red ahead of you, completely remove your foot from the gas pedal.

Sounds like his prior car did not wear out brakes in 15k miles. Or he would have said, why do all my cars wear out brakes in 15k miles.

If he lives in the rust belt, this is not at all uncommon. When I was commuting back and forth to work as a school bus driver, the salt chewed up brakes pretty quickly. I had to replace the left rear rotor ,caliper and pads at less that 20000 mile on my 2012 Camry
The right side looked almost new. I parked on the street and the salt trucks sprayed salt all over the left side and when you are driving on residential streets cars coming the other way are sp;ashing the salt all over you left side and you are doing the same. My sons 2007 Sonata only got 1500o miles in a little over a year from new, but after moving to Florida 10 years ago,never needed another brake job.