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Chevy rotors

We have a 2000 Chevy Tahoe. We took it in for the PA state inspection and were told that it failed because all four rotors are pitted and rusted and need to be replaced. Along with that, the brake pads need to be replaced and the serpentine belt, too.

My question is can rotors go bad within a years time? Nothing was mentioned about the rotors being bad or nearing the point of needing to be replaced at our last inspection. We took the Tahoe to a small shop this time and I just feel so unsure whether what they are telling us is true. They quoted us $876 for the rotors and brake pads and we are right now shopping around. This was totally unexpected and too expensive for us to fix right now, however, the car cannot be driven until it passes inspection. Ugh!

If the brake rotors are in fact rusty and bad, would we have had any symptom of that?

Thanks for any help you can give us.


I’d have a trusted mechanic look at it. Sounds fishy, rotors rust, not a problem. And the pads are easy to check, if they were bad you should be hearing the wear warning. Find another shop, have them take a look, us the mechanic finder:

Thanks! That’s what I think we’ll do because I just can’t understand how within one years time all four rotors go bad. We’ve had no problems with the car at all. Actually, we did take it into the Chevy dealer for recall work about a month ago because the ABS sensor needed to be replaced but that was it. The car runs great!

Anyway, I appreciate your quick response.

We bought a new car and a little after 12000 miles, about a year and a half the dealer noted the same problem and replaced them under warranty, so it can happen. Poor manufacturing would be my guess, it was a Plymouth voyager.

Eek! Well, that’s terrible. I guess it’s possible with our car. It has 110,000 miles on it. I’m just baffled that we would have no idea there was a problem, that’s all. I would think there would be some sort of sign or problem with the car. I’m going to take it to a reputable place and have them look at it. I’ll update after I find out.

Good thing you are allowed to leave a State Inspection station with a brake concern and re-start the inspection process at another facility. You don’t like what one inspection facility finds so you take the car to a different one that may have a different view,this is your good luck that this is allowed.

It’s possible for rotors/pads to go bad from one month to the next, much less from one year to another.

It’s also possible to have worn out pads and rotors with no noticeable symptoms. It all depends.

If the pads are worn the brake rotors should be serviced as part of a proper repair. As to the reason you’re being given (pitted and rusted) that could be debateable because all rotors will rust on the outer edges, the cooling fin areas, and the center hub part. They’re cast iron so rust is entirely normal.

For about $230 you could buy the parts. Try to talk a mechanic or a shop into doing the job for $400. Somewhere, if you call around, you may find a bargain. The price for parts is if you have to replace all four rotors. It is an easy job if the brakes are the same as my GMC pickup.

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