Rotor problems on a silverado 2000 Z71 4x4


I’ve been having to replace my front rotors

or pads roughly every 12,000 miles. This is

not normal. Does anyone know of any longer

lasting fixes for this? I drive 70% highway

30% city. What could be causing this?



You’re right, something is wrong.

What are the symptoms you’ve noticed?

Do you know for certain the wheel stud nuts have been torqued to specs? Too tight or each nut torqued differently can warp a rotor.

Are the rotors aftermarket or OEM?


So why are they being replaced? Wear, shudder, or noise problems?


You may have hardening of the rotaries and have to change the capillaries.


Ha ha ha, that’s funny.


I seem to have a lot of knowledge about things nobody is asking about.


I want to know how many milles the original brakes lasted


Brake problems at 12k is not normal; depending on driving habits, etc.

Some things might be cleared up if the OP would provide a few details; something that is usually lacking in many car problem posts on this board.


You got that right.

I think what you suggest has been put to admin already, but that’ll likely take even longer than the fact we STILL don’t have an immediate edit button (sometimes required AFTER you post) OR the recommended email window that shows the OP along with your typed answer.