2018 Chevrolet Camaro - Seats don't recline

My 2018 lt1 seats do not recline back either. makes my very upset , wondering if i should sell it or try to modify . Please someone come up with a resolve.

Curious: Why did you buy it if you wanted a vehicle with seats that reclined more than your Camaro?


It’s a known issue. Unfortunately, the fix involves replacing the entire mechanism. You can find discussions about it on Camaro forums.

I thought the seat might have been stuck, also it didnt bother me so much at the time, its fn dumb the seats down recline

I am surprised that reclining seats are not standard equipment. Does your car have power seats?

Yeah, I made the assumption it was a power seat that was stuck and wouldn’t recline. I find it hard to believe the seats aren’t supposed to recline or that they’re not power seats.

Methinks pete has not read his owners manual… Page 60 (below) and 61 (partial picture)

page 61

camaro seat 2

Try moving that control on the side! If it doesn’t move the recliner, you have bigger problems…switch, fuse, wiring. The manual doesn’t even show a manual seat, only power.


According to the owner’s manual, the front seats are powered, move forward/back, up/down and the seat back tilts. There are two buttons on the side of the seat bottom. The rear button reclines the seat. Chevrolet doesn’t differentiate the models, so this must be standard equipment. On the next page they discuss memory seats and say “if equipped”. If the button doesn’t work, get it fixed.

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There is NO memory settings on my model. The seat doesn’t recline back more than 2 inches

There might be two different features. I think on my Pontiac with standard power seats, the seat back tilts but does not lay flat. I think this is normal. On my Olds and Park Ave. I had to pay extra for the fully reclining seats that basically would lay flat. I’d have to go out and try but I suspect none of my cars have the seats that lie flat. This may have been eliminated because of the safety issue. Laying flat with the air bag going off would not end well. Sure was nice on a long trip though.

Edit: just tried the seat and it pretty much went near flat. First time I ever tried.

Ok, first your seats didn’t recline…

Then I showed you your owners manual’s page showing they DO recline…

Now you say its only 2 inches, I can only assume from your tone that is not enough…

So you want us to solve this problem for you. Apparently showing you how ro recline your seats is not a viable solution.

Sell the car. There, problem solved.

Next car you buy, test the seats and their full range of motion (and the tilt steering wheel, mirrors, ext.) to insure you can be comfortable BEFORE you buy the car. That is what I do.


I’m going to buck the trend and say it’s unlikely the reclining function only has 2" of total travel by design. Is this happening with both front seats or just the driver’s seat? If it’s just the driver’s seat it could already be partially reclined and you’re expecting it to recline farther than it does or there’s something preventing it from fully reclining. Try tilting the seat fully forward and back and see how much total travel there is. If it’s still only 2" or so, have the seat looked at to eliminate the possibility of an obstruction.

Yep, sounds like something’s wrong with the mechanism. No reclining seat has only 2" of travel, unless you’re flying Southwest!

Look on Camaro forums, as @davepsinbox_157004 mentioned.

Google ‘Camaro reclining seat problem’

… or Spirit.

Try a canvas jump seat in a military transport.

Yeah but they are called jump seats for a reason. You are supposed to jump out, not stay in them for the whole trip. Had a trip on Southern once where I was tempted.

Seat mod online. You drill out 2 limit pins on seat frame. Gm does not want you to recline them. But you can.