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2010 Camaro Passenger Seat Height Adjustment

The owner’s manual for my 2010 Camaro states that the passenger seat height can be adjusted by pumping the handle used to slide the seat forward and backward. However, pumping the handle does not change the seat height. I’ve talked to several Chevrolet dealerships and no one has been able to give me an answer as to why this does not work (or if the owner’s manual is correct in their directions…). Most of them didn’t even know that this was supposed to be an option. Any suggestions?

Your seat might already be at the highest position.
Lower the seat down, and then pump it back up.


Also, you are incorrect on using the same handle that slides the seat forward and backward.
The owners manual clearly shows a second handle that does the raising and lowering.

Page 27, Section 2-3.


Thanks for your feedback Bladecutter. The seat is all the way down. Don’t know why you think the manual indicates two separate handles… It clearly is referencing the same handle in both the diagrams on adjusting the seat, both back and forward, and up and down. It doesn’t mention or indicate a second lever or handle.

I just took another look at the mechanism under the seat. It looks like the frame is solid and nothing is designed which will allow if any movement up or down. I think this may be a package feature which the LT may have and the LS does not. It’s a bit confusing since the owner’s manual doesn’t differintiate between the two models and states that this feature should be available.

I looked at it and I clearly see two distinctly different handles being shown. The first handle is at the front of the seat cushion and is pulled forward to release the sliding motion of the seat. The second picture shows a handle on the side of the seat being pumped up and down to move the seat up and down.

Is it too late to trade it for a Mustang ? :=)

The illustration in the manual is as clear as can be. There are two different levers.
One is at the front of the seat and controls the front to back adjustment.
The second is towards the back of the seat cushion on the side. It is a lever that faces forward. It’s axis of rotation is very near where the seat back cushion starts. It’s where you would normally expect to find a level to adjust the seat back recline angle, but the illustration shows it adjusting the seat bottom cushion up and down. Is there no recline adjustment for manual seats in this car?

Wow! I don’t know how I missed that! It looks like it’s positioned on the inside part of the seat vs. the outside part, which is a little strange. I don’t have the vehicle with me, but I’ll check that out as soon as I can. I don’t think I would have missed that on the seat, but you never know. I’m still thinking the LS didn’t come with it. I think it’s also a little odd that the dealerships don’t know for sure if should be on the LS. Thanks for all of the replies!

The recline mechanism is described two chapters down in 2.4

No problems with the recline mechanism TwinTurbo. Thanks anyway though. It’s kind of crazy that they’d put the passenger seat so damn low and not give you a way to adjust it. My twin brother is 6’4" and commented on how he couldn’t see over the front of the car when riding in the passenger seat. I think Chevy just screwed this one up bigtime. I’m probably going to just swap out the passenger seat with one from an LT model. Hopefully, I can find one at a parts yard. Don’t even want to know how much they are from the dealership…

So… I stopped by our local Chevy dealership and had them show me a 2010 Camaro LT1 and an LT2. Neither one of them had the lever to adjust the height on the passenger seat. I’m starting to think that this was a concept that Chevy never implemented. Why do they have it in the owner’s manual? I have a shiny nickel for anyone who can solve this mystery! LOL!

The recline part was in response to tardis’s question on reclining the seat.

This is weird because it doesn’t appear to be an option. You can either have manual or power seats. The power seat height is adjusted by lifting up on the combo switch on the side of the seat.

If it were mine, I’d be logging onto a specific board for camaro enthusiasts at this point. Likely, they will be better informed on specific questions like yours.

Lots of different cars don’t have height adjustment for the passenger seats.

In my driveway, there are 4 cars:
PT Cruiser, Nissan Altima, Porsche Boxster, Chrysler Crossfire.

Not a single one has a height adjustable passenger seat, and 2 of those are sports cars that cost more than your Camaro when they rolled off the factory floor.

I think its just an issue where the cost benefit isn’t that high.
Passengers don’t really need to see perfectly through the windshield, so they don’t offer the adjustment.


Checked out a good Camaro specific forum. One guy pointed out that the owner’s manual picture I’ve been referencing is of a non-electronic driver’s side seat and not the passenger seat. That makes sense because it does show the lever on the left side of the seat which wouldn’t make sense for the passenger seat. So, it looks like the passenger seat was never intended to be adjustable. GM is talking about a retro-fitted seat which will allow you to adjust the height. Hope they follow through with it…