Nissan Altima horn beeping

Hi everyone: this morning, my 2011 Altima’s horn beeped 3 times fairly quickly. A couple of minutes later, it beeped once. It was in the garage and I was in the house. Any ideas on what could cause it? A warning the battery is getting low?

Could be! 3 possibilities here…

  1. you left the key fob in your pocket and triggered it when you leaned,
  2. someone has a key fob with the same code (very rare) or a spare in your house.
  3. key fob batteries are low

Thanks Corollaguy! I did have the fob in my pocket at the time. Maybe the battery is getting low.

I plan on keeping the Altima for a couple of more years and am considering a Corolla for the next car. Cheers!

Great cars those Corollas…I have 2 of them…1999 and 2012 that are extremely reliable.
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Have the battery checked and you will know if it is low. Auto Zone in most states do that for free.

Will do - thanks!

It appears that your car will honk three times if it thinks you’re getting out of the car and leaving the key inside. Perhaps your door was ajar or the door sensor isn’t registering that the door is closed, and the internal antenna picked up the key fob?

I wasn’t in the car at the time, but the fob was in my pocket. I might have shifted in the chair while eating breakfast. Sensitive little bugger, isn’t it?