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2018 Acura RDX - Dead pedal

the engine does not respond to the throttle, you continue to depress throttle, then the engine begines to jerk and slowly accelerate. Engine appears to die when you are in the slow down situation. I have to press accelerator to the floor to get the car going. Dealer of no help. Filed Vehicle Safety Complaint with National Traffic Safety Admin.

Then try another dealership or look in your manual for how to escalate the claim higher up in corporate. Keep all your records in case this turns into a Lemon Law claim


By chance . . .

Was the car behaving when you took it to the dealer?

Did they claim they can’t duplicate the problem?

Or did they admit to duplicating the problem, but weren’t able to fix it, and handed the car back to you?

If it was the latter, that is inexcusable, and they should have kept the car until it was fixed, and probably provided you a loaner until then

I would certainly escalate this, as per @pyrolord314

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Thanks for response.Keeping all records.Reported to Acura Corporate also.

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Had top mechanic drive,claim they can’t duplicate.
thanks for reply. Ron

Keep documentation of everything . . . in case it turns into a lemon law buyback