Jerk at slow speeds

Edit: 2013 Acura Rdx

So my car gets a jerk at 7 and 20 mph while accelerating and also while reducing the speed without enaging the breaks at the same speeds. While accelerating the jerk is like a forward push and while slowing by removing the foot off the gas it feels like a backward pull. At higher speeds it runs fine.

Interesting part is that if I come to a stop by braking from high speed to slow speed fast enough then there is no jerk and it’s comes to a stop smoothly.

Please help me identify the issue. I took it to a mechanic who tried changing the brakes rotors but the problem still persists. We also have checked the transmission fluid and it looks good.

So what year is this Acura?


Could be an issue with the tires or wheels or cv joints. I can’t think offhand of an engine or trans (or brake system) issue that would cause a jerk while slowing and while accelerating. Sounds similar to the symptoms I had with a broken belt in a tire.

It could be transmission, Honda/Acura trannys have a history of problems.

Year? Miles? How often has the transmission fluid been changed? Was Honda ATF used?

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You should be replacing the trans fluid every 30K. I have it done at the Acura dealer to insure the proper fluid and done correctly. Sounds like you have a shifting issue between a couple gears.


I had a similar problem on my 90’s Corolla (manual trans) some years ago. Especially noticeable in slow speed neighborhood driving. I 'd slow to 5 mph to go around a corner and the car would go, then slow, go then slow, in other words a series of jerks around the corner rather than smoothly. Didn’t notice any problem in faster driving, no problems when more than 20 mph.

No diagnostic codes and everything in the engine compartment seemed to be connected ok, no vacuum leaks, fuel pressure ok. I tried the normal tune-up stuff, new plugs, new air filter, new spark plug wires, cap, rotor, fuel filter, etc, seemed to help a little, but still lots of jerking. Thinking it must be either a spark or fuel problem, & out of ideas on the spark side of the equation, took a flier and tried a dose of fuel injector cleaner. Must have been clogged injectors. Solved the jerking problem straight away.

As posted above there’s lots of possibilities besides clogged injectors. But a dose of injector cleaner seems worth a try.

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