2018 Nissan Frontier - Runaway Engine/Unintended Acceleration

For the second time. After start up and moving from park to drive rpms went from 1100 to 6000. Thankgod had my foot on brake. With tires screaming slammed back into park still with 6000+ shutdown and waited 5 min. restarted and all ok.
Pissed, was told a week before it can be looked at.
2018 with 22000 miles

The idle is controlled thru the computer and the electronic throttle body.


did you report it to the dealer the first time it happened? If not, make sure you do everytime it happens from here on out. If they cannot fix it, I think this should qualify under the Lemon Law of any state for a replacement vehicle.

beyond that, this is not something I have heard is a common thing, but google may be a good friend here.


also be sure to report on nhtsa.gov site:


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Ask if they’ll loan you one of their cars for a week until they have a chance to look at the problem. I wouldn’t drive this car myself, until the throttle related function had been examined by the dealership shop. I expect you’ve already carefully inspected the accel pedal area, right?